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Tutorials to build your site's structure

How to create my first page

It's often tricky to start a brand new website. To help you get started, we've prepared this tutorial: you'll get used to Orson step by step.

Orson's tips: Take 15 minutes to build a test page and getting familiar with Orson.

How to build my site's menu

The menu, or navigation bar, helps the user navigate through the different pages of your website. Ideally, your menu shouldn't have more than 6 or 7 links, otherwise it be overloaded and confusing for the user. Keep it simple and remember that:

  • you can access the home page by clicking on the logo
  • the contact page is in the upper right corner of the menu

Orson's tips : keep your menu simple and don't overload it

How to duplicate page structures

If you want to duplicate a product page to reuse its structure, or copy certain elements of your site, have a look at this tutorial!

Orson's tips: you'll save a lot of time by duplicating elements instead of starting from scratch on every new page :)