How to create or modify the menu of my website

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How to edit your navigation bar and your logo

Temps estimé : 5 minutes

Informations nécessaires : aucune information particulière

1) Click on the header

  • Click on the header of your page after having saved or published your page.
Create a menu

2) Access your menu

  • Click on the menu to access the editing options. 
Modify a menu

The menu is a widget that you ca also find among the list of widgets.

3) Edit the menu

On the right side, in "Menu links", you see which links are currently present in your menu.

Click on "add / edit" to add a new link or edit the menu ; a new window opens.

  • Click on a link of the menu to modify it. You can :
  • Move it by clicking on the arrow.
  • Edit it by clicking on the pen.
  • Delete it by clicking on the bin.
  • Click on the + to add a new link to the menu. 

Orson's advice: don't add more than 6 links to your menu, afterwards it becomes confusing for the user.

Create or modify a menu in a website

Add  a new link to your menu:

  • Click on the "+" in order to add a new link in your menu, and choose between:
  • Create a new link
  • Create a drop down menu
  • Create an image menu

The link will be added below the current links. You can them move it by using the arrow button or a drag and drop.

How create a new link for your menu
  • Give your link a name
  • Choose the page towards which the link should point. (only published pages are available) 
  • Choose additional options if you want 
  • Valide by clicking on "OK"
How to insert a new link in the menu of my website

4) Edit your logo

You can chose between adding your logo, a text, an empty space.

  • To replace or edit the logo, click on the button
  • Choose the size by moving the cursor from S to L
how to add a logo on my site

5) Save your changes

  • Click on "OK" and then "Publish" to apply your changes to the header.

Publishing the header will not publish the rest of the page.

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