Domain name

How to choose my website's domain?

You've started your free trial on a temporary web address (ending by In order to make your site easy to access and to boost your SEO, you have to use your own web address, ie use your own domain name. In order to do so, change your address in the settings of your Orson website.

There are 2 possibilities :

1 - You already own a domain:

In that case, you have to redirect your domain towards Orson. A redirection only takes a few minutes to set up and is 100% free.

2 - You don't have any domain yet:

In that case you can book your domain name: it's included in our 20$ plan.

Good to know about domain names:

  • A domain belongs to the person or legal entity who registered it. He/she has the exclusive ownership.
  • A domain that has already been registered can not be booked by someone else.
  • The ICANN (Internet Corportation for Assigned Names and Numbers) is managing the registration of domains. 

Are keywords important in your domain?

Since 2012,  Google stopped taking the domain into account in its algorithm to rank websites in search results.

How to buy a domain?

Your website is ready to be launched and you want to use your own web address.

Your domain is your website's web address (URL): all pages are attached to the domain like this:

In the unlimited plan for 20$, we have included your own domain. We buy it for you via our agreement with OpenSRS but you have the full ownership of your domain.

How to redirect a domain?

If you already own a domain that is managed by a registar (such as OVH, Gandi) you have to indicate to your registar that you want this domain to point towards your Orson site.

It's called a domain redirection and you do it entirely online.

How to transfer a domain?

If you already own a domain that is currently managed by a registar (such as OVH, Gandi) but you want our own registar (Open SRS) to manage it, you can transfer it.

This is possible if you subscribed to the unlimited plan (20$/month)