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How to use social networks on my website

Estimated time: 5 minutes

What you need: access to your social network accounts

Social networks are useful to promote your website to a wider audience, attract new visitors and boost your SEO. In this tutorial we'll see how to

  • connect your site to your social network accounts
  • enable visitors to share your content or follow you on social networks
  • add a Facebook or Twitter timeline directly in your website 

1) Insert the Social Networks widget in your page

Orson.io can connect with the main Social Networks.

  • Choose the social network widget among the widgets on the right (it's the one with a bird symbol)
  • Drag and drop it in a block or in your footer

If you don't see it in the list, please click on "Manage your widgets".

1) Links towards your Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram... pages :

By choosing the link option, you enable your visitors to access your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Linkedin pages.

You can choose which social networks you want to appear:

  • Paste the address of your Facebook (and/or Twitter ; Pinterest, Instagram...) page: buttons appear automatically
  • You can also indicate an email address if you want your visitors to contact you by email
  • Customize the buttons' design by choosing their color and shape
Connect social medias with your website
Create an efficiant website connected with social medias

2) Share button :

By choosing the "Share" option, you enable your visitors to share your page on their own social networks. Choose on which networks you'd like your page to be shared by visitors:

design your social media buttoms

You can customize the appearance of  your share buttons.

customized your social medias buttoms

3) Follow button:

This option will enable your visitors to follow you on various social networks.

2) Add a Facebook or Twitter timeline:

By adding a Timeline, all your Facebook or Twitter posts will be automatically displayed on your webpage.

To connect the timeline:

  • Drag and drop the"Timeline" widget in your page
  • If you don't find it, go to "manage my widget's and click on it to add it to your widget list
Insert a timeline in a web page
  • Indicate your Facebook page or Twitter name
  • Click on OK and Publish 
TimeLine Twitter or Timeline Facebook
  • Repeat if you want a second timeline
  • Save
  • Publish

Your website is now connected in real time with your Facebook and/or Twitter page! 

3) How to customize your post when you share your page on Facebook

Click on the ... button on the page you'd like to share and click on "SEO"

Share a page on social medias

Click on Social Networks :

  • write a title for Facebook and Linkedin
  • paste the address of the picture you'd like to be displayed on your post

Please note that this image needs to exist somewhere on the internet (you can't take a picture that's simply stored in your laptop)

  • go to the page of your site that contains the image
  • click right
  • choose "copy image address"
  • paste that address in the field in the page settings
  • save

You can now share your page on Facebook.

Share your website on Facebook or an other social network
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