Create or modify the design of a website

How to change the design of my website

Estimated time : 10 minutes

What you need: your corporate identity and the references of the colors you want/need to use on your website. You can use a free tool such as Color Picker for that.

1) Go to the "Themes" section to edit the design of your website

  • Click on "Themes".

On the right side of the screen, you'll see the informations regarding your current design:

  • your current theme,
  • your colors,
  • your fonts.

Click on "Edit"

Optimize the design of a website

2) The different options for your design

On the right side of the editor, you access different settings for your design. While editing your design, you can preview how these changes impact your homepage.

You can edit the:

  • colors for your corporate identity,
  • colors for your texts and titles (choose something easy to read!),
  • font for your texts and titles,
  • size of texts ,
  • appearance of CTA buttons.

The changes you'll make here will apply automatically on each page of your website, in order to maintain a certain consistency.

Modify design of a website

3) Change your theme

You can also modify the general appearance of your website.

In order to do so:

  • Click on  "Change theme",
  • Choose a theme and preview how it impact your website,
  • You can then change your fonts and colors if you want.

If you have a corporate identity, we recommend you to remember the "id" of your colors before switching theme, so that you can set them on the new theme.

Once your publish your new theme, changes will apply automatically on each page of your site.

Create a new design for my website
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