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How to save time on Orson: duplicate your pages and blocks

Estimated time: 3 minutes

What you need: nothing

1) How to duplicate a page of your website

Duplicating a page to reuse its structure can be very time saving! 

  • Choose the page you want to duplicate
  • Click on "...",
  • Click on "Duplicate".

Your page has been duplicated. You can find it among the pages that are currently Offline and modify it as you want before publishing.

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2) How to duplicate a block

It can be very convenient to duplicate a block you created to reuse its structure!

  • Click on the block,
  • Click on"..." in the upper right corner
  • Click on the duplication symbol.

The block is duplicated and is right under the current block. You can edit and modify it as you want.

how to duplicate a block in my website

3) How to save a block to reuse it elsewhere on your site

If you've created a block, you might want to reuse it on different pages.

  • Click on the block
  • Click on "..." in the upper right corner
  • Click on the save symbol

The block is now saved and you can find it in Blocks, in the new section called "Custom". You can use is anywhere on your website.

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