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How to get started?

A successful webdesign will make it easy for your visitor to navigate through your site. Keep in mind that each page should be accessible in 2 or 3 clicks max.

Think about your visitor's decision process: what information is he looking for? What do you want him to do on your site (order something? contact you?). This will help you structure your site and know which elements to enhance.

You can now focus on the design part! Keep it simple, as we all have different tastes and a different definition of beauty. 

We have summed up 4 tips for a great design, that apply regardless of what kind of site your building!

Tutorials to design my website

How to choose my webdesign

To choose a font and the main colors of your website, go to the Theme section. In order to keep your design coherent throughout your website, changes to your theme will apply automatically on every page.

Orson's tips: keep it simple! When it comes to webdesign, less is more: make sure that your content stays clear and is easy to read.