How to create an efficient design for your website

4 simple webdesign rules that you should follow today

Create an efficient website with pure design

1. Less is more

In most cases, your visitor will discover your website via a search engine, and you'll have only 2 seconds to convince him that your website is relevant and will provide him just what he's looking for. Otherwise he'll leave your site asap, your bounce rate will skyrocket... and you don't want that for your SEO ;)

This means your presentation and offer has to be clear, and immediately understandable.

If you use too many colors and overload your pages with graphic elements, it will be harder to read your content, especially on mobile devices. Limit yourself to 3 or 4 colors max, that work with your corporate identity, and use them to enhance key elements on your website.

How to do it on Orson? It's simple, in the "Theme" section of your site you can choose your main colors to create your visual identity. We help you find nice association to keep your website simple and beautiful. Check out our tutorial

2. Maintain coherence between your different pages

Your client might access your website through any page, not necessarily the home page. It's important that your design remains coherent throughout your website:

  • fonts, 
  • title size
  • spacing
  • colors of your CTA ("call to action" buttons)
  • ...

all these elements contribute to making your content easier to read.

How to do it on Orson ?  In the "Theme" section of your website, you can choose your colors and your fonts. They will apply automatically on each page to ensure that your design is coherent everywhere.
Check out our tutorial

3. Sort your information out

Your visitor will most likely spend only a couple of minutes on your website. During this very short period of time, he has to 

  • find the information he's looking for
  • understand it 
  • analyse it
  • do something (for instance: order something ; or leave his contact information ; or share your content...)

This means you have to structure your page to display information, starting from general info and getting more and more specific. Use titles, subtitles, images... to make your page easier and quicker to read for your visitor.

How to do it on Orson? Use titles and subtitles when you write and use spacing widgets between your paragraphs and your pictures.

4. Choose your images carefully

Keep in mind that you should only use high quality images on your website if you want it to look professional. 

Choose images that deliver a clear message and check out how it looks on smartphone and mobiles devises, not only on desktop.

How to do it on Orson? Use the image gallery to find high quality images, free to use on your website. You can also upload your own pictures. We compress them automatically to ensure optimal page speed, without impacting their quality.

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