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The easiest way to create an elegant website

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How modify the design of your website?

At any time, adapt the templates and the design of your website.

  • Fonts,
  • Font size,
  • Proportions between headings,
  • Colors.

Take your time to test several designs until you find the atmosphere that fits your company the most. Save it, Orson will then automatically apply your choices on all your website’s pages.

Go to "Themes" accessible part of the main menu. 

General presentation

1 - Allows you to test different versions proposed graphics. These environments are interchangeable at any time.
2- To set the colors of the various elements of your site. You can either use our pallets or incorporate the RGB color that you want. Important, the colors are associated with the saved theme.
the easiest way to an elegant website

3 - To set the fonts you will use in the website.

4- To set the proportions between the blocks of your website.

5 - To fix the top menu so that it is permanently accessible.

Test several design on your website

Modify the reference theme

We designed six different graphic themes. These topics can cover your generic needs. Test choose the one that seems most appropriate for your business and then adjust the colors to design your custom design.
With Orson no obligation, just suggestions and tips to help you to design an efficient and elegant website.

Modify the theme of your website

Modify the colors

We took into account the colors of your logo to set the reference colors of your website. You can change them if necessary.

The result is presented in real time on your page.

modify the colors of your website