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Create contents for my website

Your SEO depend on the quality of your content

Optimize your contents for SEO.

The title is the name and the description is the summary of your page. These elements are very important for your visibility on the internet. Use the keywords that your visitor might use to find your page on search engines.

The key words

All pages are ranked by Google. There ranking is based on their relevance to each request (the key words). To do this Google will, in particular, look into the pages of your website for keywords and focus:

  • their location,
  • its repetition.

  So you must define which are the most relevant keywords for your business:

  • specifically describe the request of Internet users,
  • correspond to the content of information you have in your website,
  • generate a large number of requests.

So you will create your lexical field: The list of keywords on which you want to be visible.

Your content

The more pages you create in your website, the plus your pages are precise in their aims, the better will be the result for your SEO. 

Ideally, a page deals with a goal and a single one.