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Buy or redirect domain name (URL)

What is a domain name (URL)

The URL (Uniform Resource Locator) is essential to localize your website, among billions of existing web pages.

This is why the structure of the URL is standardized worldwide.

The URL is divided into 3 parts:

  • http: // www. : The technical standards (domain and sub domain) commonly used for the design of web site addresses.
  • Orson: corresponds to a domain name. This is usually the name of your brand.
  • .io: corresponds to the extension of the domain name. Whenever possible, you've got to favor an extension .com because it is the international reference for general sites.

Further extensions can identify some site types:

  • io for companies related to new technologies,
  • gouv.fr for government sites,
  • co.uk for English sites
  • org ...

Choosing my domain name (URL)

Your website has a temporary address. You need to change it.

1 - You already have an address in this case, it should redirect or transfer to Orson. This is done 100% online.

What does it consist of?

Hosting of your website is done through a computer that has an address named IP. This IP takes the form of a hard number to be stored (eg

For reasons of convenience, this IP address is rewritten as a domain name, for example en.orson.io

Transposition IP address to domain name, used to associate names to a digital address, is a system called DNS (Domain Name System).

To transfer your domain name, it will therefore have to change the configuration of your DNS (Domain Name System) to indicate the new address where your website is hosted.

2 - You don't have an address. It's time of booking with Orson.

Are the keywords important to create your domain name?

Since 2012, Google (the reference search engine) has decided not to take into its algorithm the domain name.

However, it remains preferable to separate the keywords with a hyphen (that of the 6 key on your keyboard). In this way, Google separately identify each keyword in your domain name. This is also a way for the user to immediately identify and easily your business.