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Optimize your SEO with a blog

Why is it good to create a blog?

A blog is the best way to live your website through the regular publication of articles. It's also a way to demonstrate your know-how, use keywords that characterize you, then optimize your SEO.

When you build a blog, the best solution for the SEO is to integrate it directly inside the website. The blog enables you to post regularly new content. When the blog is integrated to site, the website benefits from the visits on the blog and your company becomes more visible online.


How often publish articles in my blog?

You need to publish minimum 1-2 times a month.

This, requires rigor in the company because it is never easy to write the information.

Here are some tips you can inspire you to find themes articles:

  • customers are an inexhaustible source of ideas. Write articles that will allow you to bring precise answers but also to demonstrate a real know-how,
  • Subscribe on forums. The concerns of the participants are also sources of inspiration and you can adapt a phase response with the positioning of your business,
  • Organize challenges for your visitors, your employees. For example: a poetry contest, writing tips and tricks on using your products, benchmarking, ... allow to create content, the best being published on your website.